Business Law Term Paper Topics

Writing a business law research paper is an overly demanding task. A lot of times, students are rendered powerless when picking a topic for their essays. It requires a lot of effort to come up with a topic that will be appealing and analytical.

The first step to writing a business law research paper is choosing the right topic. This step is a very critical one that mustn't be taken for granted. You can pick a topic about corporate affairs, environmental law for business, workforce bylaws, and so on when you work at

There are a lot of exciting and appealing topics when writing a business law paper. But to do justice to your research, you need to carefully consider some complex concepts which might help you to pick a great topic.

Steps on picking the right business law term paper topic

1) Search for a topic

Start by reading over legal news and blogs for ideas on recent happenings in the society. Pick a day that interests you. It may be about a legal issue learned in class, at the workplace, or on media outlets. You should also consider the area of business law that you have an interest in.

2) Narrow your topic

As you begin to search for data and material topics, look for means to cut it down to a legal issue. Do more research for more data on the subject, the problem that needs to be solved, and the cases to present?

3) Pick a topic with legal cases

Your topic needs to be supported by several legal cases. It will further solidify your argument. Judicial authorities must defend each of your claims.

4) Formulate a preemption check

After you have concluded on a topic and the legal cases to do research, conduct a preemption check between your study to avoid conflicting arguments in your research paper.

Examples of Business law term paper topics

If you are searching for the right topic for your business law term paper, here are a few examples you might consider picking.

1) Why are Chinese companies rapidly dominating the manufacturing industry? Is this something to worry about for the US and European businesses

2) What happens if the workforce is not receiving an ideal working environment in a company?

3) What are the major difference between firing and redundancies? Are there special rules to follow?

4) Discuss the internet security and privacy issues that end consumers face when dealing with online companies

5) What factors would make employees behave unethically?

6) Different types of communication mediums to utilize in the workplace

7) How business should interact with society

8) The advisement factor in driving the sales revenue of a business

9) How does staff motivation affect productivity?

10) The influence of social media in the modern business world


You will find scores of exciting topics that you can choose from law libraries and an internet search engine. But, you should be aware that a selected topic should be from where you have an interest. It can even lead you to research something more interesting.