Chemistry Research Paper Topics

If you are pressed for time, selecting interesting chemistry research topics becomes a hard task. This kind of pressure often makes students settle for less practical research topics as against original, practical, and new ones. You should remember to work on analytical and researchable topics that your readers will find exciting and unique.

Such topics you want to write about in chemistry should be the ones you are excited about. Here, we have detailed a comprehensive list of chemistry research topics that can help trigger your writing. Our writers can help you select high-quality, unique topics.

Chemistry Research Topics for High School Students

Just like every other required subject in your school curriculum, a good performance in chemistry with excellent grades increases your chances of getting into the university. Here, our experts have prepared some highly important chemistry research topics for high school students:

  1. Give an analysis of the air we breathe
  2. Dangers and risks associated with the use of petroleum products
  3. How is water purified?
  4. Explain the effect of PH on plant growth
  5. Impacts of nuclear energy and waste on the environment

Chemistry Research Topics for College Students

It is expected to have more difficult research topics for college students than for high school goers. In the same way, professors at colleges expect more from college students. You can still choose to write moderate, quick, and straightforward papers based on your writing level. We have some general helpful ideas on chemistry you might want to consider here:

  1. How are chemical reactions classified?
  2. Read on the artificial growing of diamonds and pearls
  3. Study of food additives based on a chemical perspective

Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

It is easy to figure out that research topics on chemistry for undergraduates might seem the most difficult. But they don’t have to be. Here we have listed chemistry topics you will find to be highly informational.

  1. Common painkillers and their side effects
  2. The computational chemistry of dry-sensitized solar cells
  3. The applications of nanophotonics in military
  4. Advances in green chemistry
  5. Atmospheric physical chemistry

Chemistry Research Topics for All Academic Levels

Irrespective of your research level as a student, you can find exciting topics ranging from inorganic to organic chemistry very applicable. However, differences may only exist based on the depth and complexity of the research.

Such differences show that high school students research more on general materials and methods. At the same time, undergrads usually get more involved with real-time laboratory experiments. Research topics about specific areas include:

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

•Applications of inorganic chemistry in forensics

•Applications of radioactive elements

•The five states of matter

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

•Differences between ketones and aldehydes

•Prospects and potentials of sugar strands in medicine

•Latest discoveries in organic chemistry

•Forms and usage of hydrocarbon fuel


If you are interested in chemistry-based research and you need some form of help, you can be sure to find relevant topics on our site.