An Excellent Example Of A Research Paper About Bullying

Plenty of children in different schools around the world become the victims of bullies. Since it’s a serious problem, your teacher can ask you to write an essay or research paper on this topic. Composing a paper on bullying is an interesting but difficult task. To make it easier for yourself, you may check out a good example of an essay related to bullying below. This will make you understand how to structure and write your own paper in a proper way. With this knowledge, you’ll be more likely to impress your teacher and get a high score for your work.

A Sample Of An Essay: Negative Effects Of Bullying

The majority of people understand that bullying is bad. Calling somebody humiliating names doesn’t make you better. However, when a bully abuses or hits someone, it makes them feel good. Nowadays, bullies have even more opportunities to harm others through cyberbullying. To understand why bullying should be stopped, we should learn about the awful consequences of this phenomenon.

First of all, if a person has been bullied, it might change their personality. People who usually were happy and confident might become unsure, self-conscious, and shy. They might even become constantly sad or depressed. Without their confidence, they might not want to try new things and make new friends. As a result, they won’t visit public meetings and other events where a lot of people gather. Such people are often not only sad but also lonely.

Above are described only the most obvious and light effects of bullying. The consequences of being a victim of a bully might be much worse. Some victims become so depressed that they don’t see any worth in themselves and cannot find a way out of their suffering. A lot of students commit suicides because of being bullied. Others see no other way but to seek revenge by committing violent acts against people who bullied them. Many people who have been constantly bullied lose the ability to love which denies them the chance of building healthy relationships in the future. They either become submissive partners or decide to be alone. Because of all these problems, victims of bullying often have eating disorders and other problems.

Another important negative effect of bullying is that it can become cyclical. The victims of bullying who want to return their self-esteem and confidence might become bullies too. Also, bullies who haven’t been confronted by anybody might stay the same in the adult life. As a result, people who were bullied or engaged in bullying might become child abusers, cruel bosses, and so on.

As you can see, some effects of bullying appear and in the long term while particular consequences can be seen almost immediately. If a student calls another student humiliating names, for example, the victim might begin crying. Unfortunately, not all effects of bullying are obvious and easily noticeable. The consequences of bullying might appear after a long period of time and damage a person in different ways. It’s impossible to count or predict all the effects and consequences of bullying. For this reason, people should take actions to stop it.