A Sample Research Paper About Technology In Our Life

Technology plays a huge role in people’s lives nowadays. You shouldn’t be surprised if your teacher requires you to compose an essay or even research paper about the role of technology in our life. In order to increase your chance of success in this assignment, you should read and analyze the following sample paper about technology. Having examined a decent example, you’re likely to compose your own paper in a stronger way.

A Sample Essay: How Technologies Have Changed Our Life

Technology plays a bigger role in the lives of people with each passing year. Such things as computers, cell phones, GPS systems, and many other technological innovations have drastically changed the way we live. The goal of this paper is to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the technology’s impact on our lives.

One of the most important positive changes brought by technology is the improvement of communication. People can communicate with each other in real time living in different countries. Using your mobile phone, you can call any person from any place or send a message to them. With the help of social media, people have an opportunity to not just communicate with each other but also share pictures, videos, and music.

Technology is also very useful for businesses. Since many operations can be performed by robots and other machines now, many factories and firms have cut production costs and experienced the income growth. Many people can work as freelancers which gives them more freedom. Representatives of different organizations don’t have to travel long distances. Instead, they can negotiate with each other taking advantage of the video conferences. Due to online banking, people can pay for goods and services without the need to leave their homes.

Modern technologies bring a lot of negative things too. For example, because of the Internet, pornography is prospering and can be accessed from various devices by almost any person. Because of this, a lot of marriages break up and the moral decadence intensifies. The Internet is also widely used for making deals related to prostitution, human trafficking, drug trafficking, etc.

Technology is also used by terrorists around the world. They use the Internet to spread their evil messages. Terrorist groups recruit new followers through particular online resources. Cybercrimes are committed around the world too. Billions of dollars from the bank accounts of depositors have been lost to hackers.

Even without the evil intent, technology might be harmful to human civilization. First of all, machines and robots might just phase out the role of humans in particular sectors at some point. Also, many types of genetic technologies, like human cloning, for instance, are considered unethical.

In brief, technology has brought both positive and negative things in the lives of people around the world. In general, however, technology is more useful than harmful. It just always requires control and regulation. The governments should point the technological development in the right directions which will benefit people rather than make the world more dangerous. As long as this regulation is conducted, human civilization will evolve and our planet will be a better place to live on.