An Example Of A Research Paper About Teen Pregnancy

There many social issues that you may be required to write an academic paper about. For example, your teacher may give you the assignment to compose an essay about teen pregnancy. To get a better understanding of this topic and learn how to structure your academic paper in the correct way, you should examine a well-written sample paper. Fortunately, you can find such an example below.

A Teen Pregnancy Essay Example

If a person wants to know about the main problems of the first world countries, they should look through the headlines of popular newspapers. Of course, mass media might pay a lot of attention to particular issues while absolutely ignoring many other important problems. However, referring to newspapers is still a good way to learn about main problems related to the society, politics, and culture. Nowadays, along with articles about wars, economic crises, and celebrity scandals, you’ll find many materials related to teen pregnancy.

Experts usually understand teen pregnancy to be pregnancy among women at the ages of 15-17 years. Recent studies indicate that the rates of teen pregnancy in the U.S. are declining but the representatives of particular social and ethnic groups are still in the great risk zone. For instance, teens of African American and Hispanic origins are in much bigger risk of getting pregnant than teens of Caucasian origins. Moreover, in accordance with the reports, a significant number of teen births are repeated births.

So, why is it undesirable to be a teenage to-be mother? First of all, being a pregnant teenager is much more difficult if compared to being a pregnant adult woman. For instance, teens usually don’t get decent prenatal care because they’re afraid to tell anyone that they’re pregnant and cannot afford to pay for these services on their own. Pregnant teenagers are very likely to get high blood pressure. The risk of getting preeclampsia is also much higher in teens than in adult women. Teens also comparatively often give birth to premature babies (pregnancy lasts less than forty weeks.) Moreover, teenage mothers are more likely to have babies with low birth weight. The risks of being a pregnant teen also involve getting sexually transmitted diseases, postpartum depression, and other health problems.

Another major problem is that teenage mothers are much less likely to get a decent education. As a result, it’ll be very difficult for them to find good jobs to sustain themselves and their children. Without a good job, a mother is likely to live in poverty, unless her child’s father supports them. Even if there is enough money, since teenage pregnancy is usually unwanted, a teenage mother might not give her child the necessary attention and love. This will greatly affect a child’s life in a negative way.

In short, teen pregnancy is a serious social issue that requires the attention of governmental organizations, psychologists, and parents. Although the number of pregnant teens seems to be decreasing, the risk for particular social groups still exists. If a teenager becomes pregnant, it often leads to different health issues and social consequences, including poverty, divorce, child abuse, and so on.